The "Greek Caribbean"

Amazing location

Set on the Edge of Sivota village. A region generally described as the “Greek Caribbean”. Numerous beaches and small uninhabited islands form a cluster of natural beauty. Organised or not, with pebbles or sand, the region offers a number of beaches in sheltered bays and coves, some only reachable by boat.

Local attractions

Epirus is one of the most versatile regions in Greece. You can find numerous museums and ancient ruins, from monasteries and castles, to necromancy temples and theatres. 
Epirus is also known for its untamed natural landscape beauty.  Ioannina, Zagorochoria, Metsovo and Parga are only a few popular attractions.

Nearby Beaches

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Visiting nearby cities and sites. We are more than happy to provide you  information and tips about excursions and day trips.


Ioannina city

Medieval Castle, Ottoman Mosques and The Isle of lake Pamvotis. One of the few inhabited islands inside a lake, in the world.



UNESCO world heritage site. A complex of Monasteries build on “hovering in the air” rock formations.